Best forex traders to follow

Best forex traders to followBest forex traders to follow in 2022.  How to become a successful trader? You can learn from your own mistakes or refer to the success stories of famous forex traders. These people have not only earned millions of dollars in a short time but are also ready to share their knowledge with others right now. So who are they, the best forex traders to follow, and how did they manage to earn their millions?

Top forex traders in the world

In this article you will learn more about top forex traders in the world, and what investment tips they are ready to give.

Who is the richest trader today? Probably Ross Cameron. He was born and raised in Vermont, USA. He graduated from Vermont College with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

In 2012, Ross founded the Day Trade Warrior web source, where traders can learn and draw ideas. He wanted to create a community where traders would be surrounded by other professionals.

Successful forex traders in the world

In 2014, he began conducting training courses focusing on risk management, stock selection, and maximum security of entry. Now Ross continues to train novice investors and at the same time successfully trade himself.

Ross Cameron shares his thoughts on why now many newbies can become the most successful forex traders in the world:

Biggest forex traders

“After several years of trading on the market and working with traders, I realized that there are two main reasons for failures. The first reason is simple – unpreparedness. The second main reason for failures is the trader’s inability to manage risks. The profitability of trading can be obtained as a result of the implementation of a formulated trading strategy ( biggest forex traders ) .”

List of forex traders

Sasha Evdakov is one of the most charismatic people on the list of forex traders, the author of many books on trading, and the founder of the YouTube channel “Tradersfly” with more than 190,000 subscribers. Evdakov explains the basics of stock trading and other types of trading in an accessible and clear way.

Tips for beginners:

  • It is necessary to “feel” the market and build strategies for it.
  • Swing trading can be much more profitable than intraday trading.
  • Choose a trading method based on your lifestyle.

Most successful forex traders

Brett N. Steenberger

He is a doctor of philosophy and clinical psychology, professor of behavioral sciences and psychiatry, author of books on trade psychology, blogger, and teacher.

Steenbarger, being one of the most successful forex traders, probably knows everything about the psychology of trading, and therefore it is worth learning the rules of trading psychology from him. It is most important to get rid of bad trading habits. He teaches methods of market analysis, self-discipline, and gaining experience.

Best forex traders to follow

Useful tips from one of the best forex traders to follow:

  • For profitable trading, you need to become a coach and a psychologist for yourself.
  • To improve yourself as a trader, you need to constantly read training books.
  • It is important to understand the psychological causes of failures and be able to get rid of them.
  • It is necessary to practice regularly, practicing simple exercises  ( best forex traders ).

Forex traders

Rainer Theo

The founder of the YouTube channel with 1.5 million subscribers, as well as the TradingwithRayner website, where he publishes the secrets of the strategies of the most successful traders. For the most part, he teaches not how to become a millionaire, but how to protect yourself from losses and losses. In recent years, independent experts have recognized it as one of the best forex traders to follow.

Key tips for novice forex traders:

  • Say “No” to stop losses at support levels.
  • Focus on minimizing losses, not on making a profit.
  • Choose less risky strategies.
  • Trading within the day, be aware of the price action.

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