Most successful forex traders

most most successful forex tradersTop 5 young and most successful Forex traders. In this article, we will not write about the famous forex traders who achieved success at the dawn of the investment boom in the XX century. Those who are at least a little familiar with the world of trading have heard such names as Larry Williams, George Soros, Alexander Elder, Jesse Livermore, etc.

List of forex traders

Instead, we will tell you about the young people, that already included in the top list of forex traders of our time:

Timothy Sykes: forex trader with a beautiful success story.

One of the youngest and most successful forex traders is an American Timothy Sykes. At the age of 21, he became a millionaire, earning all the money by working on the stock exchange. Luck or rich parents? Not at all.

Most successful forex traders

It all started with the fact that on his coming of age, Sykes received from his parents a kind of ticket to life for $ 12,000. This amount was raised to him by his parents as a life lesson – they believed that his son, like most of his peers, would simply squander all the money, and, left without a penny, would understand how to handle finances further. Sykes learned his lesson before it even started.

Successful forex traders in the world

What was the surprise of the parents when, instead of spending all the money, Sykes increased his capital to $ 123,000 within a few months, trading on Forex, and only a year later he had $ 800,000 in his account… After 3 years, his earnings were estimated at 2 million. That’s how he became a millionaire and one of the most successful forex traders in the world.

Top forex traders in the world

Ahmad Arif: a millionaire in 2 weeks.

This is a unique person and one of the top forex traders in the world, who managed to earn his first million in just two weeks, having only a thousand dollars in his pocket, or rather, on deposit. Trading on the EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs, Ahmad took crazy risks, but at the same time, he managed to consistently keep the yield at 100% for 10 days.

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Oddly enough, many forex traders are skeptical about Arif’s success, because it is important not only to earn capital but also to preserve and multiply it. Arif, continuing to trade, faced a trend change, however, inspired by the former success, could not (or did not want to) react to the situation and lost the entire million.

Biggest forex traders

John Arnold: a man who has achieved everything by himself.

John Arnold is an atypical millionaire trader. Its difference from other biggest forex traders is that in one year a talented American earned $ 2 billion.

It is noteworthy that Arnold made his fortune without any help from relatives, trading in the energy market. At first, Arnold made successful forecasts at Enron, then at Centaurus.

Adam Guren: a 24-hour traider.

This is one of the few traders who managed to turn the 2008 crisis in their favor. Adam’s distinctive ability is that he trades on most world exchanges simultaneously, almost around the clock. His chips are the ability to turn off emotions and a thorough analysis of the news that concerns any assets of his portfolio, which is very important for one of the most successful forex traders.

Best forex traders to follow

Konstantin Kondakov and his trading multi accounts.

The most successful forex trader from Ukraine – Konstantin Kondakov impresses his colleagues with his luck, which he owes entirely to his knowledge and hard work. Today he is not only one of the best forex traders to follow, but also a successful businessman, financial analyst, and author of several books and theories about live Forex charts.

Best forex traders

The young millionaire trader has been showing promise since childhood. After graduating from school with a gold medal and entering the Faculty of Administrative Management, Kondakov did not ignore the financial market either. Konstantin started trading Forex in 2004 and, thanks to his own unique trading strategies and fundamental analysis, he has achieved impressive results in a few years ( best forex traders ).

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