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Famous forex tradersTop 5 Women Famous Forex Traders. Today, women traders are less than 10% of the total number of all market players. However, they can achieve success in this business no less than male Forex traders. This is because professionalism has no gender!

Forex traders

In this article we will tell you about 5 female famous Forex traders who have reached incredible professional heights in stock trading and investment:

Most successful Forex traders

Abigail Johnson

Granddaughter of the founder of Fidelity (established in 1946) and Chairman of the Board of Mutual investment fund Fidelity Management and Research Co. Despite her privileged background, Abigail Johnson has shown a remarkable talent for management and investing, becoming one of the most successful Forex traders. Today, she manages a corporation with assets of more than $2.3 trillion, in which she owns a 24.5% stake.

List of best forex traders

This successful woman, who tops the list of best Forex traders, builds her investment strategy based on “active management” and a long-term perspective. She is also no stranger to experiments. Abigail is interested in the development of the cryptocurrency market. Speaking at one of the conferences dedicated to this topic, she said: “I’m here because I like it all… everything that can happen in the future”.

Most successful Forex traders

Linda Bradford Raschke

Linda Raschke is one of the virtuoso legends of Wall Street and one of the most successful Forex traders in the world today. She owes her passion for trading to her father, who also loved trading on the stock exchange, although he did not become a famous Forex trader.

Best forex traders

She earned her first serious money trading options. Then she organized her own money management company – “LBRGroup”. Linda Raschke is the president of two financial firms: LBR Group Inc. (commodity Trading Advisor) and LBR Asset Management (commodity pool operator). Raschke is also the author of many articles and books about stock trading, for example, ” Street Smarts – High Probability Short Term Trading Strategies” ( best forex traders ) .

Top Forex traders in the world

Mary Callahan Erdoes

This woman holds a leading position in the ranking of “Top Forex traders in the world” and manages one of the largest companies in the world in terms of assets under management ($1.7 trillion) – JPMorgan Asset Management.

Today, JPM is among the world’s largest pension planning firms, which has largely become possible thanks to an effective investment strategy developed by Mary Callahan Erdoes.

Famous Forex trader

Pollyanna Chu, together with her husband (also a famous Forex trader), runs Kingston Financial Group, the largest player in the global investment market, based in Hong Kong. Her company is engaged in underwriting, IPO financing, securities, and futures trading.

Best Forex traders to follow

Among the skills that helped her succeed in the world of finance, she highlights the determination characteristic of men, on the one hand, and the caution characteristic of the fair sex, on the other. This unique combination, coupled with a unique mindset, made her one of the best Forex traders to follow and the owner of a fortune of $ 10.2 billion.

Biggest Forex traders

Lubna Olayan is a well-known businesswoman in Saudi Arabia and runs her own investment company, which manages a portfolio of securities worth $4.4 billion, and Lubna’s own fortune is currently estimated at $2 billion.

Thanks to her own intelligence, she became one of the biggest Forex traders on the stock market not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in the world.

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