Biggest forex traders

Biggest forex tradersYoungest and biggest Forex traders to watch out for. The coronavirus epidemic, as well as the sanctions wars of 2022, left thousands of people around the world without a permanent income, so many of them began to comprehend the topic of crypto and invest in digital assets. And it is best to master a new field by observing and studying the strategies of top forextraders in the world.

Best forex traders to follow

In this article, we have collected the 5 best forex traders to follow in 2020-2021.


Tai Lopez is a legendary person in the world of business and trading. Marketing guru, a financial consultant to multimillion-dollar companies, and a frequent speaker at the TEDx conference.

Most successful forex traders

Even though Lopez earned most of his wealth as one of the most successful forex traders, he finds time to trade cryptocurrencies and believes that the future of the economy is digital assets.

Successful forex traders in the world

Lopez is known to the crypto community for his bold but realistic predictions. In an interview, one of the most successful forex traders in the world said that if all the millionaires of the world transfer 1% of their savings to bitcoin, the price of the crypto coin will rise to $ 60,000.

Forex traders

John Arnold is a successful young of the Forex traders, as well as the founder of Centaurus Energy Advisors. He started his career on the stock exchange in a small organization in 2001, and in the same year, he became a millionaire.

Arnold is one of the youngest dollar billionaires in the world who have made their capital as the biggest forex trader. At the same time, there are almost no reliable facts about Arnold’s life, which creates an aura of mystery around him.

Famous forex trader

Oles` Sribny

One of the famous forex traders with Ukrainian roots not only actively trades on the stock exchange, but also conducts training webinars and courses for novice traders. It is worth noting that in the last few years Oles` has been paying more attention to cryptocurrencies and NFT than to the traditional stock exchange.

List of forex traders

Ashu Sehrawat

Ashu is a young day and swing trader from India who, at the age of 22, collected a portfolio worth a million dollars. He became interested in the stock market at the age of 18. He learned his skills from the list of forex traders and formed his unique investment strategy.

His advice to novice investors: “For long-term investments, use an index fund, avoid spontaneous purchases and reinvest profits using compound interest.”

Biggest forex trader

Sudarshan Sridharan.

A young guy from Charlotte, North Carolina, learned about the stock market in elementary school when he and his father followed the global crisis of 2008. At the age of 12, he already had his investment ideas. At first, they didn’t trust him with money, but then he showed his parents a presentation on PowerPoint and convinced them that investing in stocks could be effective (everything is like in the success stories of the biggest forex traders!) By the age of 16, the teenager was managing a quarter of a million dollars — it was his parents’ retirement savings.

Best forex traders

Sudarshan and his parents invested in Tesla shares, earning $17,000. Another $14,600 came from Google securities and $5,600 from Netflix shares. Now Sudarshan is only 22 years old and he is the CEO of the startup Fion Technologies, which plans to prevent urban fires by analyzing satellite images ( best forex traders ).

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